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What to do if Illinois puts your license on hold

­­The state of Illinois may, for a number of driving infractions, put a hold on your Illinois license. The only thing on your mind will be finding a way to release the IL hold on your license, so you can either renew or receive an out-of-state drivers license. The law firm of John M. Quinn & Associates, Ltd. is here and available to help you.

When your license is put on hold, you will be unable to renew your license or apply for an out-of-state license until the IL license hold has cleared.

It is critical that the paperwork is submitted in a complete and timely manner and a hearing is conducted in an efficient manner in order to secure the release of the IL license hold. If there are errors, or the file is incomplete, your petition with the IL Secretary of State will likely be denied. Furthermore, each time your petition is denied, it will become more difficult to release the IL drivers license hold. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced law firm can help you to avoid any delays or associated hassle with clearing your­­ license hold.

If you have moved out of state, you will not want to be hindered by a lingering IL license hold. Just because there was an infraction in another state, does not mean that it will disappear as you cross state borders. There is a National Drivers Registery that allows states to share information about drivers with one another. If your IL license hold is not cleared, you will be unable to attain a new drivers license when you need one or renew your current out-of-state drivers license.

The law firm of John M. Quinn & Associates, Ltd. has 20 years of experience helping out-of-state clients receive a hearing and have the license hold removed. Our team will be in communication with you throughout the entire process. If you would like to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to see how our firm can help you clear your IL license hold, contact us today at 888-567-5298 or [email protected]