March 23, 2020

Currently our office is working remotely and maintaining regular business hours. We will be keeping all previously scheduled appointments via phone. If you receive a call at the appointment time and it reads “blocked” or “no caller ID” it is most likely us contacting you. We can be contacted by both phone (630) 529-2000 or e-mail htojmqlaw@yahoo.com. Both the voicemail and e-mail will be checked regularly during normal business hours.

We are still scheduling phone consultations for potential clients so if you contact us we will get back to you and schedule a time for that consultation.

To all my clients and people visiting my website:

First and foremost we hope you and your families are all healthy and safe. We know that this is a very stressful time for everyone. With the uncertainty that this virus has caused, we thought it important to reach out to our clients and any other people that visit our site.

As of March 20th, 2020 the Illinois Secretary of State’s office has closed until April 7th, 2020 . As a result, there will be no way for a person to contact their office to get information. We talked with the Secretary of State’s office on March 20th and they are hoping that the April 7th date will remain the date they re-open, but that it is subject to change. They understand that this move will cause confusion and anxiety for people but felt that it was required to protect us all.

They are truly not sure how things will go once they return regarding staff, response times, etc. We would suggest checking their website www.cyberdriveillinois.com on their home page and click their "View the Covid-19 FAQs" in the notification box for any current announcements from their office.

The purpose of this update is to address questions people may have at this time. Though this update will not address all people’s concerns, hopefully it will answer most.

General Questions:
Q. Can I call or e-mail the Secretary of State?
A. You can but they are closed and no one is there to answer any questions, return e-mails, or faxes. When they reopen, delays will occur from all Departments responding to any messages.

Q. Can I still request paperwork or my driving abstract?
A. Yes but that information will not be sent until they re-open and will be delayed.

Q. Can I pay my reinstatement fee?
A. We are not certain. They may still accept online payments, but will not accept over the phone or mailed in payments until re-opened.

Q. What about my driver’s license/vehicle registration expiring?
A. The Sec. of State is allowing a 30-day extension for people with an expired driver’s license or license plates. Please check their website at www.cyberdriveillinois.com to review their media release.

Q: Can I pay my Failure to Pay fines/tickets?
A: If that county clerk’s office is open, but they will not be processed by the Secretary of State until their office re-opens.

Q: Can I inquire about my child support?
A. No. Once the Secretary of State is open, contact the Driver’s Services Department at 217-785-8619.

Q. If my license is suspended because of parking tickets, how can I pay them?
A. If they are owed to the City of Chicago or a different municipality, contact them (if open) and see what can be done about paying the fees or at least setting up a payment plan. They will notify the Sec. of State once the payment has been received and the Sec. of State will process them when they re-open.

Q. What about SR-22 insurance? (Safety Responsibility Insurance)
A. If required to have SR-22 insurance, contact an insurance carrier. They will obtain the necessary policy for you and once the Sec. of State is opened, they will file it for you with the Secretary of State. If you currently have SR-22 insurance, continue to have it until notified by the Secretary of State.

Q. What if I had a fake ID/fraudulent license?
A. Contact our office.

Q. What if I have a Statutory Summary Suspension?
A. If you received a Statutory Summary Suspension, the Notice from the Secretary of State may be delayed. Please continue to check your mail regularly.


Information Regarding Secretary of State Hearings:
  • Decisions from hearings already conducted will be delayed.
  • A request for a formal hearing date will be delayed.
  • Testing at DMVs is not possible until they re-open.
  • Out of State clients; clearance of your Illinois hold on the national database may be delayed if you were approved and met the requirements.
  • Re-scheduled hearing dates (due to the Sec. of State closing) will be sent as soon as possible from the Administrative Hearing Department. Do NOT contact Administrative Hearings once they re-open and ask when your new date for the hearing is. This includes all formal hearing offices (Chicago, Joliet, Springfield, and Mt. Vernon). They will be inundated with people contacting them and will simply tell you that new dates will be sent via e-mail or mail.
  • Documentation from treatment providers and evaluators that would have expired (6 month rule), will be accepted by the Secretary of State if the evaluation expires while the Secretary of State is closed.

Information Regarding Restricted Driving Permits (“RDP”):
  • Issuance of permits will be delayed.
  • The acceptance of permit requirements will be delayed.
  • My RDP is expiring soon or just expired. Can I still drive?  Yes. Your RDP has been extended for the duration of the disaster proclaimed by Governor Pritzker and 30 days after the disaster ends.
  • Continue to comply with all conditions of your permit.

Information Pertaining to Breath Alcohol Interlock Ignition Device (“BAIID”):
  • If you receive a Request for Explanation for a BAIID violation, it still must be explained and sent to the State in a timely manner. Their acceptance or rejection of your explanation will be delayed.
  • All communications from the Secretary of State BAIID Unit will be delayed. Their response time once they re-open will also be delayed.
  • Calibration: If required to calibrate your unit, get it calibrated in a timely manner. If you are under quarantine, call the manufacturer so they can note your file that you were unable to get your car serviced in the timeframe required.

Our Office:
  • We are proceeding with normal business operations.
  • We are monitoring the situation with the Secretary of State.
  • We are still conducting free half hour consultations via in-office or telephone.
  • We are continuing to prepare our clients for upcoming hearings.
  • We are in communication with all evaluators and treatment providers that our clients are currently working with.

We at John M. Quinn & Associates wish all of you good health and safety at this uncertain time. We will continue to work for you in obtaining your ability to drive, which will be more important than ever when this crisis passes. Do not delay contacting us if you are a potential client or stop getting prepared for a hearing if you are a current client. The sooner we get you back on the road, the better.

You are all in our thoughts. Hang in there. We will all get through this if we stay calm and help each other.


John M. Quinn