Our firm is very thorough in preparing a client and their file for a Formal or Informal Hearing in front of the Illinois Secretary of State. Though the process for each client may differ in some ways based upon their situation, the overall process we utilize for each client is the same. Here is a quick bullet list of our process for clients revoked for DUIs. If you are revoked or suspended for some other reason than DUIs this list may differ slightly.

  • Create and Prepare a file
  • Obtain a current Illinois driving history
  • Order Sworn Reports – if Illinois DUI arrests
  • Order Administrative Hearing File from Illinois Secretary of State-If client has had prior hearings
  • Order any other information needed to prepare for hearing
  • Review all information received
  • Conduct a phone appointment with client to discuss drinking on the nights of the DUIs, lifelong alcohol history etc.
  • Prepare a packet and send it to client-packet will include everything client and evaluator need to prepare documents for the hearing
  • Conduct an in-office hearing interview to review and correct all documents and go in depth into the client’s testimony they will give at the hearing
  • Attend and participate in the hearing
  • Upon approval help client with any questions they may have in regards to obtaining their RDP or Drivers License from the Secretary of State

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